Monday, November 05, 2012

Political Tolerance

Caring.  Compassionate.  Tolerant.  These words are typically used to describe the average Democrat.  Look at the “war on women”, “gay rights”, “class warfare” and the entire premise of the Affordable Care Act.  I say they are dedicated.  Many of my friends have been promoting Democratic candidates and even working full-time for the Obama re-election campaign.   I greatly admire their dedication for sticking to their core beliefs and standing by an embattled incumbent.

There are also many Democrats who believe in the Commander-In-Chief’s leadership to such an extent that they believe Republicans are evil, should “sit in the back seat” and deserve to be the recipient of “revenge”.  Why else would a Republican be praised by the left for working with Democrats while people of their own party are vilified for stepping across the aisle and working with the right?  And why are Democratic incumbents such as Congressman David Cicilline (Rhode Island) hoisted high onto a golden platform for voting with the Democrats 96% of the time all the while Senator Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts) is vilified for voting with his own party a mere 66% of the time by comparison?  Shouldn’t a person such as Brown be highly regarded for reaching across the aisle, and Cicilline be vilified for NOT reaching across the aisle?  Is there any wonder why the House and Senate are gridlocked on just about every issue?

We have become so divided as a nation and have long forgotten the words of then Senator Barack Obama, who at the 2004 Democratic National Convention said, “There is no red America.  There is no blue America.  There is the United States of America.”  Even after his victory in 2008, he told the world, “And to those Americans whose support I have yet to earn -- I may not have won your vote, but I hear your voices, I need your help, and I will be your President too.

I recently posted a video of President Obama’s speech on November 2nd with the caption, “Did ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ really just turn into ‘Revenge’?”  In this video, the president is telling an enthusiastic crowd after mentioning Mitt Romney by name, “Don’t boo.  Vote.  Go out and vote.  Voting is the best revenge.”  Mitt Romney’s response later that day was, “He (Obama) asked his voters to vote for revenge.  Instead, I ask the American people to vote for love of country.”

The only response to this posting was from a friend (and staunch Obama supporter) who wrote: 
“No it didn't. He tried to get $hit done and when he wasn't going to get bipartisan support, he could either give up or keep going. He was never going to get support from people who didn't want him to succeed. That's how politics in America works. I'm sorry that you idolize someone as sincere as Bush Jr, I almost wish he wins so we can live that reality- so you can see what that reality is. When local gov't collapses because it has to pay for all the stuff fed government won't. Let's get to Tuesdays so these posts go away.”

My response was simply, “How presidential of someone in office to say ‘let's get revenge’ or ‘let them sit in the back seat while we drive’. That does not show a willingness to work together.  And like you, I can’t wait until the election is over – regardless of who wins.”

My friend’s response was: 
“He's more of the same  of Bush Jr - he's promising whatever it takes to get elected and it's anyone's guess what he'll actually do in office. Exactly what Bush Jr was. What he's guaranteed to do is deregulate - that worked well to improve safety of oil platforms. It's sure to make the world better for everyone, because we all know that big business is out to do the right thing and not just look at profit. In a purely capitalistic world everyone (except executive management) loses - the constitution doesn't dictate that we have to be greed driven, we elect people who lead us in that direction. It's a good thing you'll be executive management, so you won't have to worry about such things.”

I have seen many other responses to my Republican friends’ posts from Obama supporters using the very same tone.  Who really cares who is right or wrong?  Who cares which person is an Obama supporter, which is a Romney supporter or even who is backing a third candidate?  Life is too short. 

If one would like to follow the president’s example of division and personal attacks, attack the ideas or arguments brought forth, NOT the person talking about them.  Look in the mirror and ask, “Who is more tolerant?  Who is more caring?  And who has more compassion?”  Is it the original poster or is it the person staring back?  Otherwise, this just shows the original poster something about the reflection and exactly what he or she believes in their heart.

May the best candidate win on November 6th.


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